Created from a desire to promote entrepreneurship in Quebec

The idea for the Quebec School of Entrepreneurship stemmed from a fascination for those who want to do things differently, those that dare dream, that believe in their ambitions and decide to take a leap of faith. It’s their determination that inspired the creation of the School, and its entirely for them that our programs were put together.




It all started 3 years ago. The social and economical situation in Quebec was rapidly changing and entrepreneurship was booming. The excitement was palpable. Unfortunately, too few aspiring entrepreneurs went through with their ambitions and even less exceeded the dreaded 5 year in business mark.

This excitement reached the doors of Cegep Garneau and was felt by all the members of the Continuous Learning team who were already working with entrepreneurs.

There was a definite need and something had to be done. The Cegep then decided to make sustained efforts in establishing a team to survey and to consult the community in order to get an in depth understanding of this trend and create a strategy to act upon it. Among the team, one individual was particularly astonished by the discoveries the Cegep team had made and by the incredible community of entrepreneurs that strived in Quebec. His name was Carol Gilbert.

He was dazzled by the passion, perseverance and innovation he was witnessing and, foremost, he was convinced that something had to be done to help the community. He then started to rally the business community, passionate people and intrapreneurs, and lead them to the creation of the Quebec School of Entrepreneurship.

Months went by, hundreds of hours were spent reflecting, researching, meeting and negotiating. After overcoming several hurdles and coming close to seeing the abortion of the project, the flag of the Quebec School of Entrepreneurship was proudly raised on January 1st, 2015.

The Quebec School Entrepreneurship was created, with a team dedicated exclusively to entrepreneurs. Our humble history shows that in order to achieve your goals, you have to persevere and that success will always favor the bold and those on a mission is to serve others.

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A network at your service

We have to thank our network of numerous partners and give them credit for the creation of the Quebec School of Entrepreneurship. It is thanks to their commitment that we are able do what we are passionate about: offering a stimulating and resourceful environment, that promotes the emergence and growth of entrepreneurship and contributes to the vitality and the socioeconomic development of Quebec. We thank them whole heartedly!