Bring your business to the next level with an intensive program customized to your challenges and supported by an innovative co-development method.

This program is specially designed for businesses that have been in operation for 6 to 36 months and that are at a crucial stage in their evolution.

Driven by an innovative method, it brings together business owners facing similar issues, transforming the group into a real springboard.

If your business is already generating sales, if you have the desire to create jobs and want to gather all the “pieces of the puzzle”, the Catalyst program is for you!

Rapid growth in a secured environment.

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Our Catalyst program supports you through your learnings and the implementation of your entrepreneurial and leadership skills, as well as your technical knowledge.

This four stage program will allow you to enhance and put in action each aspect of your business. At the end of this program, you will master your marketing strategy, your daily activities and your business operations. You will learn how to efficiently manage your human resources, and finally, you will be able to monitor your efforts to progress continuously.


Step #1

✓ Sales

✓ Commercializing

✓ Marketing

Step #2

✓ Organizational structure

✓ Accounting

✓ Tax

✓ Financing

Step #3

✓ Human resources

✓ Business culture

✓ Recruiting

✓ Retention

Step #4

✓ Managing performance

✓ Strategic planning

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This intensive program will allow you to enhance and master all aspects of your business.



An opportunity to learn in company of entrepreneurs who know your reality.

Personal Development.jpg

Personal Development

A greater awareness of your strengths and weaknesses for a better version of yourself.

Dedicated Partner.jpg

Dedicated Partner

A network of business owners, and industry experts to support you.

Evolving Environment.jpg

Evolving Environment

A diversified and dynamic program with various experts in various contexts. 

Structure & Relevant.jpg

Structured & Relevant

A structured environment where your project is always the main focus.

Resources & Community.jpg

Community & Help

A direct access to the business community and a network of partners.

Smart Action.jpg

Smart Action

A motivation to act, but especially to put priorities in the right places.

Innovation & Fun.jpg

Innovation & Fun

A sure and a fun way to grow and take your business to the next level.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

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