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The Quebec School of Entrepreneurship offers the ideal environment to start a business, in which innovative approaches focused on practice and concrete achievements prevail. These approaches promote the continuous development of your business model and your expertise as an entrepreneur. No matter what your needs are, whether you are starting a business or are already up and running, we will help you take the next key steps in total confidence.

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Our courses programs will help you develop and enhance every aspect of your business at any stage, whether you’re starting, expanding or selling. Why have to learn from your mistakes if you can learn from those of others.

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Our coworking spaces empower your startup. Closed office spaces, open air spaces, interview rooms, parking, free phone services, unlimited Hi-Speed internet, a bistro on sight and much more. All accessible 7 days a week!

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Our Catalyst program allows you to optimize and master every aspect of your business. For businesses that have been up and running for 6 to 36 months, this intensive program brings together business owners with similar challenges.

Startup with reliable partners.

We mobilized an entire business community so you can benefit from it to start your business. Now, thanks to our network of partners devoted to startups and entrepreneurship, you can kickstart your business in a modern environment with top-notch equipment, unparalleled support and significant financial aid.

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Filled with ambition, don’t know where to start?

You’re thinking about starting a business? Speak with one of our experts for free and allow us to guide you towards the best solution for your unique context.

The Quebec School of Entrepreneurship is a real business accelerator. I have been here since the beginning of 2018, and I can testify to the relevance of its interventions. I am a self-made entrepreneur; I learned from experience. However, in business, to learn from trial and error can sometimes be extremely costly… The Quebec School of Entrepreneurship allows you to reduce waste of time, energy and money, that are inevitable when starting a business and learning as you go. Finally, what makes me really able to endorse the School is that it focuses on an active pedagogy. Rather than only teaching theory, which I have always criticized traditional pedagogy for, it focuses on concrete results and adopts a practical approach. To me, that’s a decisive argument as practical experience and concrete results are what really make a difference when starting a business!
— David Bernier, Founder of Guide Entrepreneur


Starting a business?


Our mission is not only to teach you how to start a business… Our mission is to put you in action and guarantee your success! That is to say, to give you the necessary knowledge, but also to surround you with entrepreneurs who have experienced the same issues and challenges... People who really know what it’s like to start a business. As we often hear “you are the average of the five people you spend the most with”.  Therefore, at the Quebec School of Entrepreneurship, we will make sure all of you time is spent with leaders and experts.


The challenges of starting a business in Quebec

It’s obvious that Quebec is experiencing a period of economic growth, and naturally it is accompanied by a strong desire to start a business! One only has to look at the statistics reported in the Quebec Entrepreneurial Index of 2017, available on the Réseau M and presented by the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, to see the enthusiasm.  Indeed, since 2009, the number of young entrepreneurs who intend to start a business has tripled and the ratio of women going from intention to action has surpassed that of men. Whatever the sector, Quebecers want to start a business. Although they benefit more and more from supportive initiatives, a big challenge still remains and we’re tackling it head-on!


Escape isolation: creating a “ family of entrepreneurs ”

Marginal, non-conformist, rebellious, crazy… The labels that people stick to entrepreneurs are multiplying and exaggerated from year to year. Saying to those around you that you are starting a business, when none of them have experienced it before, can be concerning and can rapidly lead you to conflict and solitude.  In Quebec, about half of business owners come from a family of entrepreneurs. For women, coming from a family of entrepreneurs increases the probability of starting a business by 83%. Why are these ratios so drastic? Well, basically because people from entrepreneurial families are not mocked, discouraged or marginalized; on the contrary, most of them are supported, motivated and recognized for their efforts.  Our objective is to give all startups and aspiring entrepreneurs their own “family of entrepreneurs”. The Quebec School of Entrepreneurship is a family member, a fan but also a coach and a disciplined mentor who does not accept to see you satisfied with modest results because he believes in your potential and the success of your startup. Like good parents or long time friends, we will be there to celebrate your big moves and your excitement, but first and foremost, we will be there if the storm hits or if you lack confidence or motivation. The Quebec School of Entrepreneurship will surround you with expert entrepreneurs who can recognize and honestly address your strengths and weaknesses, but also, it will offer you a unique place where you will benefit from the invaluable wealth of having a “family of entrepreneurs” which led, so many men and women, from all-over Quebec, to start a business.

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